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Assist Accounting Manager / 30-45 k / WHA Saraburi Industrial Land/(V)

27 March 2024

Assist Accounting Manager / 30-45 k / WHA Saraburi Industrial Land/(V)


Job Description

Job Category :
Salary (Baht) : 45,000

Job Description

1. Effectively plan financial accounting work for both the receiving and disbursing sides. Consistent with the organization’s business plan

2. Supervise the operations of the accounting and finance department. To proceed correctly and promptly, giving advice or organizing work appropriately and according to the guidelines that have been implemented

3. Control and inspect the preparation of financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, and various accounting reports for submission to government agencies. and other related agencies

4. Control and inspect the company’s receipts and payments. accounting records, disbursement documents and accurate financial reports

5. Plan and manage cash flow adequately, appropriately, and efficiently.

6. Have knowledge and understanding of accounting standards. Revenue regulations

7. Be honest meticulous and have ethics towards their own profession

8. Be punctual, responsible for assigned tasks, able to work under pressure. Ready to learn new things and can work as a team

Job Requirement
  • Gender: Female, age 30 years and up.
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting and other related fields.
  • Experience in supervisor level management, work system planning, at least 5 years or more.
  • I used to set up an accounting system from scratch. If through the accounting program working system will be given special consideration
  • Able to use Microsoft Office programs well.
  • Have enthusiasm and thoroughness in working
Job Benefit
  • As Agreed

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Assist Accounting Manager / 30-45 k / WHA Saraburi Industrial Land/(V)
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