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IT Manager / Freight Forwarder / Design and Implement IT Systems / Bang Na (W)

29 April 2024

IT Manager / Freight Forwarder / Design and Implement IT Systems

Job Description
Job Description

1. Responsible for analyzing technology content and developing policies for corporate executives.

2. Designing and implementing computer systems, including programming, system maintenance, and upgrades.

3. Managing contracts for hardware and software procurement.

4. Developing, updating, and maintaining IT policies and internal controls to ensure compliance with group standards.

5. Overseeing the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of the organization’s local area network hardware and software, and providing support for other projects.

6. Developing and managing the technology budget, and monitoring expenses.

7. Collaborating with the team to plan and innovate, exploring new technologies to benefit the organization.

8. Designing database structures and relationships to support application user requirements.

Job Requirement
  1. Excellent understanding of Program Management or ERP Systems.
  2. Demonstrated strong leadership and management abilities.
  3. Minimum of 5-10 years of experience as an IT Manager.
  4. Planning, overseeing, and managing IT services to align with user requirements.
  5. Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining system and information security measures.
  6. Planning, supervising, and executing IT projects to achieve objectives efficiently.
  7. Enhancing and optimizing IT service processes for organizational alignment and effectiveness.
  8. Compiling summaries or reports on job performance for supervisors.
Job Benefit

-As Agreed

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IT Manager / Freight Forwarder / Design and Implement IT Systems / Bang Na (W)
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